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san diego print shop
san diego print shop
san diego print shop
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san diego print shop
san diego print shop

The Xerox iGen4 Digital Press


xerox igen4The world of digital printing has welcomed a monumental increase in image quality, automation, and productivity. As a result, new levels of success have unveiled innovative technologies like the iGen4's Auto Carrier Dispense, Auto Density Control and an unbelievable amount of capacities with Inline Spectrophotometer. Outstanding image quality is used to print virtually anything in digital color and results are achieved at exponential rates with the Xerox iGen4 digital printing press.

Automation occurs before the print project ever reaches the iGen4. Equipped with a Xerox FreeFlow Process Manager, workflow processes automate the print job submission along with time-consuming pre press steps required to move the job throughout the print shop. The press is the world's most productive digital printing press, providing more high-value output with less time-consuming manual processes.

Auto Density Controller

Every press can potentially jeopardize the density variations and streaks. The iGen4's patented auto density control is designed to detect any streaking before it occurs and has them fixed without operator intervention.

Inline Spectrophotometer

For more accurate, stable color and PANTONE matching, automatic features like the High Definition Linearization, Advanced Color Profiling, Spot Color Calibration, and Color System continually deliver exceptional image quality and spot color accuracy.

Auto Carrier Dispense

This is a new method that combines dry ink and carrier yields consistent color uniformity. It is critical for maintaining the machine's availability and productivity. No developer changes are necessary.

Printing Speed and Image Quality

With up to 6,600 full process color A4 (letter) 4/0 impressions per hour, 110 impressions per minute and 1,500 A3 (tabloid) 4/4 sheets per hour, the rate at which the job is completed increases dramatically. The machines image quality is spectacular, with a resolution of 600 x 4800 dpi and line screens of 150 lpi, 175 lpi, 200 lpi and 300 lpi.

Research and Studies

The Xerox iGen4 has been leading the digital packaging industry, but it is also known for its photographic image print quality. This study, done by SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory, is a fantastic resource for those printing photo books, photographs, posters or any other image heavy products. Click here to download the SpencerLab Report or feel free to request case studies on successful Xerox iGen4 digital print marketing campaigns in your industry.

san diego print shop
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