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san diego print shop
san diego print shop
san diego print shop
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san diego print shop
san diego print shop

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Christmas Cards Can Help Your Business Grow

Category: Business

holiday greeting card printingWhile you are away from the office, it is important to keep your customers in the loop. Holiday is a great time to slide in some special offers and warm greetings to let your customers know you care about them and their business. There’s no better opportunity to do this than printing and direct mailing some fantastic greeting cards!

Tailor making a holiday greeting card from you and your office is a nice way to embrace the community of people which your business has brought together. It is a great way to showcase your creativity, offer a special promotion and keep your customers thinking about your brand and services.

Here are some tips to make your Holiday greeting card printing experience an effective and successful effort:

Maintain Your Corporate Identity as Part of Your Holiday Greeting

You can solidify your image by having your employees sign their names on the cards and include your corporate logo on the front of the greeting card.

Keep Your Holiday Greeting Universal

Keep in mind that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Stick to universal terms like “Holiday Greetings” and feature seasonal images, keeping the whole design experience light hearted.

Personalize Your Greeting Card

With variable data digital printing options, your customers will feel special and connect with your use of personalization. Send Master Print Communications a client direct mail list that includes the names of your customers and we will make sure that each of your greeting cards includes a special personalized message.

Promote Your Services

Don’t forget to attach a coupon and promotion on your greeting. The holidays are a great time to offer people packages and discounts that they can use well into the New Year. Great offers include special gifts or deals for referrals. Never underestimate the power of asking for a connection!

Save Money on Your Holiday Greeting Card Printing

Everyone’s on a tight budget. If your holiday communications are well thought out, you will end up making up the money you spend on your greeting cards. None-the-less, there are plenty of cost effective greeting card printing options to choose from! You don’t have to spend a ton of money on designing your card. There are plenty of E-Cards that designers and marketers can get inspiration from. Do some web-surfing and take note of designs that inspire you. Another great route to take is to print a holiday postcard over a folded over greeting card and you won’t have to pay additional costs for envelopes, stuffing and sealing.

Posted on Dec 03, 2010.

san diego print shop
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