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san diego print shop
san diego print shop
san diego print shop
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san diego print shop
san diego print shop

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Category: Marketing

As the pressure for companies’ messages to stand out among the clutter increases, so does the pressure oncreative communications. The human mind has a very short attention-span. Therefore, increasing appeal and “feel-good” emotions is an excellent way for marketers to position themselves as confidantes and trustworthy business partners.

The bottom line is simple: If your communication is appealing-then it is effective. In order for the company message to be effective, then the message has to be relevant. This is a simple formula to wrap one’s mind around. It’s true, this “doctrine” reaches it’s full potential when riding a unique and creative bandwagon-so, assuming you have a very creative team, let’s get down to the basics: How do I get my message to stand out? 

Surprise, surprise! With data! Let’s take a look at your list. You should have three. Your first list is the prospecting list. This list is a generalized compilation of names, businesses, industries and contact names. Your second list is the leads list. At this point you should have the primary data that the prospect list contains, but you should also have notes on conversations, unique facts about the company culture/individual, memberships, partnerships and associations which the company is a part of and any other information you have accumulated during your “courting process.” If you need to brush up on the data, a company’s web-site offers a multitude of unique information in the corporate profile, company blog, company PR releases or the mission statement in the company’s “About Us” section. Lastly, your client data should be a gold mine. In addition to the primary data and unique data, you should have transactional data, conversation notes, birthdays of key player’s, demographic categorizations and any other facts and statistics that you have accumulated during your business relationship.  

So, what’s the point of all this? Application. Only a printer can do what you want done with this data. We’ve already established that 7 out of 10 people feel that traditional forms of advertising, print & TV, are relevant to them whereas only 45% feel that way about online ads. Why? Because online ads are imposing and there’s too many of them. Moreover, not every browser picks up every message exactly as the message is intended to come across. If you send out a direct mail piece, you have the opportunity to make it feel nice and substantial by choosing, for example, an oversize postcard , soft-touch self-mailer and then adding a personalized image, direct copy message and even timed mailing (eg. Kate just bought a new mattress, maybe she’d like to see a catalog of brand new bed frames or Joe had mentioned that he couldn’t make an appointment because his wife’s having a new baby , so printing a nice congratulations announcement is classy and so forth.) Yes, this takes effort and commitment, but the bottom line is, do you or don’t you want the sale?

Variable data printing is a feature of digital printing technology. With detailed data and specific data, Master Print Communications can design and create individualized direct mail , catalogs and cross media marketing campaigns that have images, copy and timing geared towards the unique totality of the individual whom you are marketing to. This is really cutting edge and innovative marketing, folks and I highly suggest setting up a consultation with your print services providerto see whether or not they have the capabilities to manage and apply your data.

Posted on Nov 10, 2010.

san diego print shop
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