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san diego print shop
san diego print shop
san diego print shop
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san diego print shop
san diego print shop

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direct marketing associationThe Direct Marketing Association's new Digital Marketing Practices and trends report was quite an interesting read. Did you know that the use of digital media is growing very rapidly, BUT direct mail is still a strong contender?

Canvas Magazine reports key finding from the DMA and states that 71 percent of marketers cite brand building as the main goal of their digital marketing. While online marketing is expected to grow, direct mail still represents 17 percent of the overall marketing budget, which is larger than the share held by any other media. For B2B marketers, direct mail currently handles the most target messages (29 percent), followed by email (22 percent).

The study also finds that B2C use direct mail the most (at 32 percent), followed by e-mail (24 percent). In the next 12 months B2C marketers do not expect to change significantly what they are doing in terms of media used to target messages. The one exception is that catalog printing will drop and mobile advertising will increase.

According to the report, the most used media platform at this time is social media. About 88 percent of B2B companies and 82 percent of B2C companies use social media. The most widely used social media for B2B companies are professional social networks (69 percent), microblogs (53 percent) and blogs (47 percent). For B2C companies, the most widely used social media were social networks. Facebook takes the number one spot at 62 percent of usage and microblogs closely follow at 54 percent and blogs finish the lead at 40 percent. On a side note, done forget to stamp social network logos and links on your print marketing materials to integrate and cross promote the various mediums which you are using.

George Orme, the author of the Digital Practices and Trends Report, states that although, “Most marketers are using digital media to both sell and nurture a stronger bond with their customers [the] study also underscored that very few companies have mastered the analytics and found ways to accurately measure the incremental effect of each media within a multimedia campaign.” That said, the value of cross-media marketing is so clearly illuminated for me that it is almost impossible not to see the use of its’ campaign management and ROI estimation capabilities.

Cross Media Marketing, also known as the merging of internet and print, offers much more than an interactive and personalized communications capacity. A campaign allows the marketer to do a couple of things: Generate lead reports to view and print campaign respondents' profiles. View activity reports to see how many times your landing pages were visited, use campaign results to see how respondents are answering your questionnaire, pulling up graphs allow you to view campaign results in graphical form and messages are managed with the ability to view email and SMS statistics while the ROI Calculator estimates your return on investment for the campaign.

Posted on Nov 02, 2010.

san diego print shop
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