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san diego print shop
san diego print shop
san diego print shop
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san diego print shop
san diego print shop

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Web-to-Print Takes Brochure Printing to New Heights

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web to printThermaTru, a fiberglass and steel exterior door systems company wants to save time and money on their brochure marketing material production. The goal is to create an east-to-use system for managers and distributors to create customized print. The solution the company applied did much more than maintain the quality and consistency of the corporate materials.

ThermaTru trimmed costs and boosted effectiveness by reducing the production time of their brochure. Once their Web-to-Print service was launched live, production time was reduced from months to less than one month. Within the first two months of its launch, 36 builders and distributors had already created several hundred pages for brochures. The ability to create brochures online through a Web-to-Print solution has enabled an ease of use for builders and distributors.

For some time, ThermaTru had been using multi-page, full-color brochures as sales aids for custom builders and distributors. These brochures are then used at home improvement stores. The amount of manual processing and time that it took to create the brochures, in addition to the design process, was consuming and inefficient. ThermaTru’s printer designed a custom Web-to-print system that would accommodate these elements and expedite the workflow. When a distributor or builder enters the custom site, they can either use an already created brochure, or create a brochure themselves using an image bank, templates and specification options. They are then directed to a page count and pricing page.

The brochure is first customized with the front cover, which is built by choosing from different cover designs from a library of over a hundred images or images that the user has uploaded. The user’s logo is then customized onto the cover, while the layout adjusts to the desired graphics and marketing messages. Next, the inside pages of the brochure are integrated from over 40 layout options that include up to 21 images on one page. Copy of the brochure is also chosen from a list of pre-approved marketing messages. Lastly, the user customizes the back cover from a choice of three templates with various marketing messages, images and products. The last step of the program directs the user to a confirmation page where the user can preview the proof and check out.

The dynamism of the Web-to-Print is one of the several reasons for its success. The ease of use and the ability to oversee and control the variations of content help tailor the brochures to target recipients and to accommodate locations and distributors. The brochure printing is done on the Xerox iGen4 digital press, which helps to maintain color consistency and a high resolution of the images. To learn more about how Web-to-print can be a solution for your company’s print collateral management, visit our Web-to-Print services.

Posted on Aug 11, 2010.

san diego print shop
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