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san diego print shop
san diego print shop
san diego print shop
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san diego print shop
san diego print shop

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master print article The Infinite Capabilities of Customized Direct Mail Campaigns

Category: Marketing

Personalized Direct MailFor those of you who are observing the evolution of direct mail, you are paying attention to two phenomena. The first is the modern merge of print and media. The second is the intricacy of mass data accumulation and ultra personalized material.

These two rampantly compatible elements have driven the print industry through a transitional phase. No longer just a print service provider, print shops are now emerging as premier marketing service providers. The technology and resources which print shops are choosing to incorporate into their commercial printing have transformed these shops into one stop establishments improving businesses ROI and the knowledge base of their respective target market, their consumer.

Let's face the facts. First off, print will never go away. It is simply too effective to be replaced by the ultra impersonal virtual world. Second, print is much more sophisticated and official to be overturned by pure email efforts. Moreover, print establishes not just a relationship between your company and your customer but allows you to gain the individual's trust. That said-how has direct mail become such an effective form of marketing?

Well, high response rates are being driven by print, which is being driven by personalization. Web marketing technologies, like the PURL, quickly and creatively accumulate a mass amount of infinite details about each participant, about each consumer. This information is then put into a database and used to analyze the consumer so that you may customize your company products and services to the consumers' wants and needs. The resulting variable data generates the appropriate tone, product, offer, photograph and message to continually customize the marketing campaign and illicit attention and response.

In terms of cost, it is important to understand the ROI. Undoubtedly, the cost per lead is less. The key is to mail fewer pieces and cut out mass mailing. Statistics like response rates of 32% or 300% increases in revenue are standard with these campaigns. Take a look at multi million dollar companies in industries like finance, healthcare, automobile and you will assuredly see a media or personalization aspect within their marketing campaign.

Don't feel lost in the world of digital print and media marketing. When you choose to commit to such a campaign a professional, knowledgeable and creative print service provider will consult with you and assist you with uncovering additional opportunities in print and throughout multiple forms of communication. Ultimately, your investment will pay for itself and inject life and vibrancy into your message and your services.

Posted on Feb 18, 2010.

master print article The Life of a PURL

Category: Marketing

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Keywords: interactive advertising, PURL, business, dailymotion, domain, landing page, advertising, consumer services, personalize, communication

Posted on Feb 17, 2010.

master print article High End Clothing with FSC Certification?

Category: Environment

green printingIncreasing global pressure for companies to implement environmentally sound changes into their business practices has many large brands not only considering where their paper is sourced from but redesigning their services and packaging with sustainable alternatives.

Multimillion dollar corporations are making significant moves towards utilizing only FSC certified paper. From garment tags to packaging, fashion brands from GAP to Gucci have pledged to ensure that the paper used for their tags and bags is environmentally and socially responsible.

The high level of pollution and deforestation associated with paper production has the industry escalating to the forefront of ecological concern. The environmental impact of paper is only one end of the deal. While paper consumption could be attributed to its relatively low cost, it is its thoughtless consumption that drives rampant production. Recycled content, the use of renewable resources and sustainable practices have become the trademarks of socially responsible changes in business practices. According to the EPA, paper recycling has decreased water pollution by 35 %. Moreover, its production generates 75% less air pollution than virgin paper does. The demand that companies place on recycled paper is ultimately driving the decrease of virgin production.

Garment tagging and packaging is a core component to clothing sales. Clothing companies that are making the necessary effort and conscious decisions to "green" their marketing and sales processes with FSC certification are illustrating the widespread changes trickling throughout these intertwined industries. Banana Republic, GAP and Old Navy have chosen to purchase FSC certified hang tags for their garments. The prominent feature of the FSC label shows the consumer that they are conscious of their environmental footprint and, furthermore, proactive about it. High-end paper bag supplier (serving clothing companies like Prada and Versace) PAK 2000, have also joined sustainable efforts. The supplier made a recent announcement to develop and implement paper policies in addition to phasing out all fiber from controversial sources. Gucci is also moving in on the efforts. The clothing label announced its intent to source only FSC certified or recycled paper products, including shopping bags and copy paper. Both PAK 2000 and Gucci are working with the Rainforest Action Network to ensure that their paper and packaging are up to par with environmental practices.

Master Print Communications is looking forward to our FSC certification. Our company's commitment to value and environmental responsibility is a top priority. We urge you to look into greener efforts and start managing your footprint.

Posted on Feb 16, 2010.

master print article Winning Sales Responses Through Direct Mail is Easy

Category: Marketing

direct mailingEntrepreneurs are quickly learning that direct mail is not only more successful than virtual mail but that it is full of little tricks of the trade. Let's unveil some of the methods behind the craft and understand their application.

Educational institutions are a great example of an industry that is turning to research and variable data personalization to better target likely candidates (likely customers) for enrollment. Their use of analytical profiling and modeling is no longer just an additional bonus to marketing but a critical component of it. In order for a printed direct mail piece to be competitive with the world of junk mail, direct mail efforts must harness technology and data.

Schools are spearheading these marketing tactics and making measurable and positive impacts for their institutions. Their use of enhanced marketing campaigns is an excellent suit for the instability and budgeting haunting enrollment. Just purchasing a mailing list and sending out a uniform message to a mass audience is sales suicide. Utilizing integrated marketing campaigns, which reach across multiple platforms, for a small pool of targeted clients, offers a personal touch with a relevant message. According to a special report released by New York based marketing company USA DATA, leveraging the power of direct marketing mail can be done through 5 savvy methods.

Before you even begin to think about your direct mail, you should learn as much as possible about cross promotion. The synergistic effect of marketing is one of its greatest strengths and should, by all means, be put to work. Also known as new media, cross promotion has forced educational institutions to revisit their entire marketing strategy to communicate with customers through both online and offline venues. An example of this would be the use of a direct mail piece for an athletic department. The message on the direct mail may direct the recipient to a facebook page with scholarship opportunities by listing a url on the mail piece.

Reviewing past campaign metrics of direct mail should never be put off. This fundamental marketing step will illustrate for you that testing and measuring your results makes a huge difference. The bottom line is: test everything--from your envelope copy to the color paper that you are using. Making even the simplest change could generate a higher response for you.

When was the last time you cleaned your in house mailing list? Mailing list companies like the National Change of Address (NCOA) can provide you with an updated mailing list and ensure that you actually REACH your target as well as save money on undeliverable mail.

Uncharted territories can be a gold mine and expanding your reach can have an enormous impact on ROI. University institutions are known to segment their audience while still only mailing the ideal prospect. A private university may purchase a list of bordering counties while an online institution would send education catalogs across the nation.

Direct and personal communication will empower your direct mail and ensure a successful campaign. Furthermore, your writing should clearly convey benefits for the recipient, the tone and style should resonate with the target audience and the envelope should be enticing.

Entrepreneurs are unfailingly finding that printed direct mail pieces offer greater returns than email promotions, but it is marketing through methodology that yields a truly favorable outcome.

Posted on Feb 12, 2010.

master print article Nokia Does Interactive Advertising

Category: Marketing

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Keywords: interactive advertising, mobile, Nokia, mobile advertising, consumer services, technology, communication, cross media marketing, digital media

Posted on Feb 11, 2010.

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