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san diego print shop
san diego print shop
san diego print shop
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san diego print shop
san diego print shop

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master print article Pantone Surpasses Project Goals with Cross Media

Category: Marketing

Pantone Cross MediaOne-to-One communication is a broad term encompassing various components. Who to target, when to target, how, and why? An effective use of personalization that weaves together these questions is illustrated in today’s case study. Let’s find out how Pantone boosted their sales and product awareness with a multi touch marketing campaign.

Pantone’s new monitor color calibration system campaign was launched to target an audience of designers, photographers and printers/prepresses. With nothing more than a mailing list, the goal was to maximize creativity with the limited data available. Using a cross media marketing campaign composed of full-color, personalized postcards, email, display ads and the internet, sales were EXCEEDED by 13% with over 80% of an increase in monitor calibration sales in comparison to the previous year. Furthermore, the company was also able to gain more information about their recipients with the personalized web portion of the campaign. Let’s examine the components of the campaign so that we may better understand their application.

Direct mail that led to a website had been utilized in the past, but “the stickiness [just] wasn’t there” expressed the VP of Marketing for Pantone, Doris Brown. With the use of digital print equipment not only did Pantone demonstrate that their colors could be accurately displayed but they also added glamour to the printed postcard images. The images used in the campaign followed a similar visual flow throughout the print ads, post cards and emails but they were not identical, which ensured that the marketing message remained fresh.  The copy of the piece was served in a conversational style and tone to REDUCE the emphasis on the product.

The post cards and emails used variable data, like the prospects name and a reference to their work, and directed them to their personalized web site whose URL, of course, contained their name. This site was designed for them to learn more about the product, but also to help Pantone capture information about the prospect for future sales. The mailing process also had a creative twist. There were multiple recipients of the piece in a company and each one received a different variation of the design. That way the recipients could share and compare their designs to create more “buzz.”

The fascinating aspect of this campaign success story is that a database does not need to be broad. The return on investment (ROI) came from only a name and address. The majority of responses were due to the use of just the name variable.

If you would like to design such a campaign, please visit our cross media services or contact Master Print.

Posted on Mar 11, 2010.

master print article Amsterdam Printing is a Magnet for new Business

Category: Marketing

cross media marketingCross Media and Print work together as a marketing medium to bring value to sales campaigns and establish an integration of service provider and client into business partners. With the personalization potential of digital printing on the rise and the increasingly effective pairing of variables and media, marketing has reached new heights. This case study is one of many which we will be posting, that highlight the success of integrated marketing in a particular vertical market.

Let’s look at the print sector today. This case study is for the printing services vertical market. The agency goal was to drive more business for their imprinted promotional products. The direct marketing campaign, in conjunction with the use of personalized URL’s, heralded significant results and demonstrated the innovative uses of cross media.

Overall, the campaign had two drops. One for their prospect customers and the other for their existing customers-both case studies tested the PURL against a general URL and a static mailer. The first mailer targeted 60,000 new business prospects, primarily marketing managers and those who order promotional products for their companies. The second mailer went out to the 82,000 existing customers. The striking revelation in this case study is that the new creative used in conjunction with the PURL substantially increased the prospective customers order sizes and response rate over the static mailer. While the order size was slightly higher for the existing customers using a GURL (General URL), the PURL generated a higher response rate. So, how did Amsterdam Printing catch the attention of recipients and establish an easy response mechanism? You guessed it! With PURL’s!

Trekk Cross Media along with the Xerox iGen are primarily responsible for the architecture of this marketing campaign. Trekk designed a dimensional direct mail piece that demonstrated Amsterdam Printing’s variable data capacity. The piece also showcased and promoted a personalized promotional pen. The prospect’s attention was captured with the colorful package that contained a personalized pen to each recipient as well as a customized mini poster. The poster included up to 10 unique images based on variables such as gender, name and company. Recipients were then given their PURL to see the range of promotional products that are being offered by Amsterdam Printing as well as to place an online order.

The campaign had two hooks: the offer and the outbound piece. The offer is important because it is the gateway to capturing interest while the creative component of the mailer sets the stage for you to retain that interest. This campaign used Amsterdam Printing’s promotional product sale, the pen, as the creative accessory for the execution of the offer and the outbound piece. Recipients were given a special introductory opportunity to purchase as few as 50 pens for 99 cents each. The creative on the mailer as well as the poster and personalized landing page then featured a community setting of “pen people.”

Posted on Mar 09, 2010.

master print article Stora Enso Sustainable Packaging

Category: Print

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Keywords: stora enso, sustainable packaging, digital packaging, recycling, science, technology, consumer board, liquid packaging, energy efficiency

Posted on Mar 05, 2010.

master print article Are you ready to design your PURL landing page?

Category: Marketing

persistent uniform resource locators PURLYou can't really experience the full impact of a PURL unless you visually experience a live one, or you start designing your own. The beauty of these landing pages, also known as a micro site or flash interactive home page, is that their marketing potential is pretty much infinite.

You will not be able to retain your visitor without a powerfully designed landing page. Whatever your use for the PURL may be, whether it is in conjunction with a newspaper ad, magazine ad, radio, television, other media or print collateral, there is a set of rules you should stick to.

First, you must keep in mind that a different medium means different rules. You have transcended from the print mind frame into the web, so images and graphics will interfere with page loads, screen resolutions will vary from computer to computer, some fonts will not be web safe and browsers will have all kinds of varying issues. Consider both the opportunities and the limitations of the web medium in order to produce an up to date and professional design.

You are producing a strong call to action with this landing page-this is the goal. General web pages strive to relay every possible aspect of their sales pitch or offer. They can be over informative and often bypass the main purpose, which is to set up an enticing outlet for the prospect to opt in to contact you so that you may acquire more information on a personal basis. A sea of copy will be too chaotic for you to work with so keep it clear, direct and simple.

If your offer is of particular appeal to your target group or demographic then you should not have a problem establishing some degree of trust. By default of intrigue and interest you will set the stage to ease apprehension along with any doubts which the visitor may have about giving you their personal information.

The information presented within the marketing campaign must be designed within an “above the fold” format. A lengthy data page WILL scare the respondent away. Focus on the goal, which is to either get your respondent to contact a sales rep, attend an event, take a survey-whatever, but you must operate within an above-the-page-break frame and nothing should be below the fold. Be sure to maintain both visual and organizational appeal. This seems obvious, but a clean, modern layout can be jeopardized with improper navigation menu placement, not enough space around particular elements, low quality graphics, small fonts and a number of things that contribute to clutter and prevent your message from standing out.

Good news in the world of web VDP: You are allowed custom fields to personalize the flash, artwork and copy to a number of variables, like gender, age, industry, occupation or any vertical specific details. The landing page is so critical that maximizing variable content on it is essential. The database is designed in a way that serves the page in a personally tailored format to every single prospect. While the creative component will be one core underlying factor of the page's success, you must not forget to maintain a consistent brand identity.

In other words, the vibe and feel of the company culture should be incorporated throughout the print piece, the website as well as the landing page. Many web visitors will follow up the landing page experience with a visit to your home site to learn more about the company. This is why uniformity is the cornerstone of corporate branding. Retain the “shell” of your company site on the PURL but limit the many options that navigation and side links give the visitor to leave your landing page.

Lastly, your direct mail piece and the micro site are a campaign so don't forget to incorporate consistent graphics throughout their body and design.

Posted on Mar 04, 2010.

master print article The Power of Print

Category: Print

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Keywords: print campaign, publisher, Active Interest Media, American Express Publishing, Bonnier Corporation, Emmis Publications, ESPN, National Geographic, New York Magazine, advertising, Hearst, Young and Rubicam

Posted on Mar 03, 2010.

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