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san diego print shop
san diego print shop
san diego print shop
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san diego print shop
san diego print shop

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master print article Advertising With QR Codes

Category: Marketing

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Keywords: direct mail, advertising, QR codes, iphone, codes, app, smart phone

Posted on Apr 01, 2010.

master print article Evaluating Your Marketing Strategy

Category: Marketing

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Keywords: direct mail, marketing, digital media, personalized mailers, printing, targeting, integrated marketing, sales, market analysis

Posted on Mar 31, 2010.

master print article Digital Printing is Blazing a Success Trail

Category: Print

digital printing san diegoWhether you need print produced internally or commercially there are market segments that have especially benefited from the multitude of possibilities available with digital printing. While there is a general list of primary market segments (like wholesale food and ad agencies) that have benefited from communication channels, marketing approaches and promotional aspects embedded within digital printing, many people are still a little foggy on what the big deal is.

It is the technological advancements and availability of options that have branded digital’s popularity. The technology behind the digital print process re-generates each page impression. Spots of colored particles are placed on substrates. Then laser light images convert light energy into electrical energy. If you remember anything from high school science then it is the plus and minus charges which attract the oppositely charged toner to create the page image. The paper can be either charged or conduct a charge that will be opposite to the toner so that the toner can be attracted to the paper. Digital printing has not only made the work of printing more manageable than it has ever been before, its' use of electronic patterns has enabled short and cost-effective print runs.

Indeed, the speed of functioning is one of the presses biggest benefits, but it is also the only way to produce variable and versioned jobs. More than likely you are familiar with variable data printing, a powerful marketing tool which personalizes each impression with the recipient’s name, relevant graphics and images. The health care industry has used this tool to personalize communications based on age, medical condition and location. Educational institutions have specified images on brochures that are relevant to student’s interests, financial services like insurance companies have selected the imagery on their brochures from information like gender and family make-up and supermarkets and retailers have sent out catalogs with coupons based on past purchases. With this feature the printed material is different on each piece, but the color of the images, illustrations and photographs is exceptionally clearer, sharper and most importantly, consistent. Four color process printing offers an infinite combination of color and great ranges on the color palette.

There are many digital presses on the market. Master Print Communications utilizes the Xerox iGen4 known to brand the term ‘color consistency’. While our press has no doubt escalated the levels of image quality, automation and productivity in the industry there are many differences in image print quality between the various machines. I am happy to email you a study comparing the different presses’ photo results from SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory if you request one from me at Moreover, I am also happy to mail you print samples from the Xerox iGen4, if you request that as well.

Posted on Mar 30, 2010.

master print article Business Analysis Part III

Category: Business

business print servicesOur final coverage on taking stock of your business and services examines the external influences that affect your success in your respective market.

We have dissected the core components of a strong business structure. Now we must consider how the strengths of our operations can be utilized in the marketplace. What are the top 5 target marketplaces you are equipped to prospect?

These are areas of opportunity and will help you to focus your approach, cut costs and become a specialized resource. It is just as critical to do an external market overview as it is to do an internal overview at least every quarter. If you are one of the many businesses that are not analyzing your data and response rates you are missing a huge opportunity to reel in your prospects and make them clients. Something as simple as changing copy or switching your envelopes could generate a higher response from your marketing efforts. Moreover, you may be missing out on multiple opportunities to enhance your services simply because you do not know that opportunities or resources exist.

Doest your direct mail print provider offer variable data printing, cross media marketing or promotional items like personalized packaging? I have mentioned this before and it is universally evident, but most of the print industry has evolved into the communications industry. It is a magnificent source of information on trends in your own market and many vertical markets. The commercial printer will also make available to you research and case studies on successful marketing campaigns that are applicable to your services, many shops are using state of the art technology and equipment for your marketing needs and they will offer you a persoanlized marketing consultation.

But, whatever your business marketing capability or proficiency may be, do not turn a blind eye to the external elements of your business world. External changes could very well force you to explore new directions, learn new skills or invest in different technologies. You can expect changes in the marketplace due to business shifts like a larger customer entering or leaving the marketplace. The economic climate fluctuates; it may be improving or declining the local marketplace. The level of business competition may vary based on the services which you offer, the technology you use and your location.

At this point you must examine the potential which you have to expand your customer base and increase your financial strength so that you can invest in people, processes and technology that enables you to interact prosperously with the external circumstances you encounter.

Posted on Mar 26, 2010.

master print article Business Analysis Part II

Category: Business

business printingKeep in mind that a personalized business analysis is offered as a courtesy resource to you as part of a consultation with Master Print Communications. The goal of this is to enhance the marketing success of your business and equip you with the necessary tools to market to your customers in the most effective manner.

In order to design successful marketing strategies that work for you, we must thoroughly dissect the internal design of your business structure. In addition to evaluating your business culture (which I will discuss in part III of this segment) we utilize the main analysis diagram discussed in part I to determine how and where we will incorporate improvement and design in the marketing strategy.

While skills development and training give your internal team the tools which they will need to approach the customer base as a resource, experience level absolutely cannot be underestimated. Running certain jobs requires that the employees’ background is tailored to the necessary skill sets of their particular position. Inadequate experience does not allow your services to reach their full potential and can be a factor of the company de-evolution rather than growth. This is directly related to management strength. In addition to financial and operational reliability, consider if your company management is equipped with the capability and experience required to deliver high quality skills and approaches. A bad management team is suicide to the company success and it is tangibly reflected in the quality of work production.

Ask yourself if your business is reliable. Are you responsibly working with your budget and is the delivery of work consistent and on time? This is critical for trust establishment and reputation. You are in danger of undergoing a negative domino effect and weak infrastructure if your customers are bringing up issues of late execution, missed deadlines and inaccurate information. Business reliability is how you establish your reputation and define the perception of your business in the marketplace. Now, let’s look at location. While business location will vary based on needs as well as budget it is still very important to ensure that the business location is one of convenience to customers and new market potential. If for whatever reason this is just not doable, you should be investing in and establishing an optimized, accessible and professional web presence.

Tomorrow, we will end the week with an examination of external factors like the economy, technology, competition and changes in the marketplace.

Posted on Mar 25, 2010.

san diego print shop
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