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san diego print shop
san diego print shop
san diego print shop
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san diego print shop
san diego print shop

Cross Media Marketing

Reach Relevancy Results

Cross-media marketing solutions enable you to combine the reach of variable data printing with the precision of web and email communication to create powerful marketing campaigns. Variable Data Printing & PURL's used together, make a powerful marketing tool. These campaigns utilize variable data printing, personalized URL's (PURLs) and targeted emails to help you reach, and then track, your desired target audience.

The cross-media approach can get you the results you are looking for. A campaign typically includes a direct mail piece, with a call out line to the recipient and would include a personalized URL printed on the piece for them to visit and communicate with you. You are then able to directly track and communicate with potential customers who respond online and subsequently follow up with targeted emails. cross media marketing purls

Studies show that the mere act of including a person's name in the URL can increase response rates by as much as 30% or more when executed properly. Once directed to the highly relevant site, the prospect and or customer willingly share valuable data that can be used in future marketing efforts.

Welcome to Web 2.0

Sometimes called the "New Internet” this second generation of the World Wide Web is not about technology; it's all about personalization. Now relevant information is delivered in a very personal manner. User-generated content, instant results and personalized interactions create higher response rates and increase the reach of the marketer. With the use of Cross-Media Marketing, consumers are communicated to as individuals, not as one of the masses.

Direct Mail Piece

The direct mail piece is also known as the Personalized URL ticket. This is a customized print piece like a postcard, package, pamphlet or anything you want, that introduces your marketing campaign and contains the personalized domain address with the recipient name.

Campaign Dashboard

Once your PURL campaign has been launched you will have access to a Campaign Dashboard. This resource is an online reporting of all campaign activity so that you may establish metrics to measure your marketing program's success. The true benefit is illustrated with real time information. The dashboard will provide for you activity reports so that you can see who is visiting your landing pages and clicking your links. Based on this data you generate leads and configure lead batches to follow up via real time, like sending out an SMS or email notification to the respondent post their domain visit. The dashboard is also great for viewing campaign details in graph format and estimating the return on investment for the marketing campaign.

Cross Media Marketing Demo

Cross Media Marketing campaigns have two components. They typically include a direct mail piece with a personalized URL containing the recipients name and a personalized web site. Below are simple examples of cross media marketing. These examples illustrate the most basic usage of PURL's, which can be customized with features like sound or flash. Stay tuned to the addition of market specific demonstrations or contact Master Print for additional questions, demonstrations or to design your own cross media marketing campaign.

Abstract Company or Product "Simply Spectacular"
This sample campaign displays descriptions of important aspects of both the PURL and Direct Mail piece. Master Print Communications Open House 2010
This campaign was created for the MPC 2010 Open House for our company. Read more about this and other activities in our San Diego Printing Events section!

QR Code Marketing Solutions

qr codeQR, or Quick Response, codes are being used in mainstream marketing for two reasons: they allow marketers to track who uses them by gathering the phone numbers of users and they offer a cross media marketing channel that fits more details and information when space is limited. These two-dimensional bar codes are generated by many Print Service Providers and Marketing Service Providers to contain anything an internet browser can, including phone numbers and text. They can only be read by smart phones that have a scanning app installed in them. When your print marketing communications just doesn't fit all the details you need it to, QR codes are your solution.

Print QR codes for:

  • Background information
  • Product or company details
  • Fundraising and charity events
  • Promotions and Advertising
  • Registrations and RSVP's
  • Business Cards
  • PayPal Payments
  • Passes and badges

How interactive is your print? Deliver QR code campaigns with Master Print. Let us execute your design and sit back while we do your data collection!

If you would like to start scanning QR codes into your smart phone …

  1. Download and install the FREE QR scanning app that matches your phone model. You will avoid having to sync your phone and computer by accessing with your smart phone.
  2. Once you have installed the QR code scanner, point it at the QR code to access the site or information that is embedded within the code

If you would like to start using QR codes in your marketing material …

  1. Master Print will create a QR code for you through a QR code generator. Just designate the content that you would like in the code on the Master Print quote request form as well as on your proofs.
  2. Note that the more data that you put into the code, the smaller the pixels will be and some sensitive QR code scanners may not read it accurately.
  3. If you are embedding a URL into the code, ensure that the site will load well on a mobile phone. For more information on good QR practices go to:
san diego print shop
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